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Wild Grass Nature Resort

​​Wild Grass Nature Resort is located in the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka, close to the UNESCO world heritage sites of Sigiriya Lion Rock and Dambulla Cave Temples. 

Comprising just 8 villas, Wild Grass is set amidst 25 acres of unfenced forestland that is frequently visited by rabbits, deer, wild boar, monkeys and over 40 species of birds as well as the occasional wild elephant.

It is the ideal location for nature lovers, whether families with children, couples or honeymooners, who wish to enjoy their holiday disturbed only by the sounds of nature, while enjoying the ancient history and marvels of the Cultural Triangle, 


The unique feature of Wild Grass remains its exceptional natural beauty; our villas promote the sense of being at home amidst an abundance of space and absolute privacy – the ultimate luxuries afforded to the traveler seeking a perfect rest as recommended by and Sri Lanka Unbound.

About WG

Our mission is to retain and preserve wildlife and tree growth

vegetable garden

Eco-friendly villas

Our villas have been built in natural clearings to keep the rich jungle tapestry intact and to avoid being intrusive to the wildlife that live in the property.  During construction, we ensured that the larger trees were left untouched. The undergrowth has been preserved as it is there that most animals – big and small – reside.

Green Neighbour

We practice green business to provide a holiday experience with minimum disturbance to wildlife, with a minimum carbon footprint, respectfully utilizing the natural resources without disturbing the needs of the village that rely on these resources as well, and ensuring balance between the natural and man-made environment.

Solar Energy

Solar power provides for hot water and for partial lighting. Roofs have been fashioned from clay tiles and other environment-friendly materials while the use of asbestos has been strictly banned within the resort.

Vegetable Garden

Our restaurant functions responsibly, with some of the supplies grown in-house using organic farming methods.

Additional supplies of fruits and vegetables are sourced from the gardens of the village, thereby improving the livelihoods and well-being of its inhabitants.

Over To You

We also encourage our visitors to plant trees and reduce the carbon footprint!

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