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A Wild Grass Welcome

Nestled between a hill and a lake, Wild Grass Nature Resort warmly welcomes you with a sense of luxury whilst enveloping you in untouched forestry.

Thirteen years ago, we began the construction of our first villas and from the beginning, it was only right that we would use the natural formation of the jungle to create the blueprint of the resort. Trees were left intact; natural clearings were the site of our villas, ensuring the rich jungle tapestry to be maintained, and avoiding intruding into the wildlife living in the property. Our concept merged luxurious living with nature.

This concept allows for every one of our villas eight villas to offer a sense of complete privacy and is the ideal location for nature lovers - the only sounds you hear from the comfort of your own villa will be those of nature. Wake up to the birds chirping outside and the sunshine flooding into your villa through the skyhigh glass windows, and watch the sun hide behind the lake in the evening while sipping a glass of wine on your balcony.

We continue to practice green business, allowing us to provide a holiday experience with minimum disturbance to wildlife. We avoid disturbing the needs of the surrounding villages that also rely on the same resources that we access. While leaving a minimal carbon footprint, we ensure a healthy balance between the natural and man-made environment.

We achieve this through a variety of initiatives, such as relying on solar power for hot water and partial lighting and using nothing but natural resources in the construction of our villas: roofs have been fashioned from clay tiles and other environment-friendly materials while the use of asbestos has been strictly banned within the resort.

Not only our villas, but also our restaurant Treetops functions responsibly, with some of the supplies grown in-house using organic farming methods. Additional supplies of fruits and vegetables are sourced from the gardens of the village, thereby improving the livelihoods and well-being of its residents.

Wild Grass Nature Resort is the perfect destination whether you seek adventure or calmness.

Ideally located in the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka and within a stone's throw from UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you can look forward to busy days exploring the area, climbing Sigiriya Rock, admiring the wonders of the Dambulla Cave Temple, and observing wildlife up close during safaris.

After a day of exploring, relax in the comfort of your villa while soaking in the silence of nature, take a dip in our pool and indulge in traditional Sri Lankan dishes or Western cuisine at our Treetops Restaurant. Turn your trip into the most memorable one yet and enjoy a tea or dinner on the rock, overlooking Dambulla, Kandalama reservoir and what seems like never ending greenery.

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon and hope you have an unforttable experience in Sri Lanka!

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