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Forest Bathing

Shinrin yoku, forest bathing
Forest bathing

Have you heard of the health trend Forest Bathing?

Don't worry, it has nothing to do with soaping up under a shower in the forest. The practice of forest bathing simply means soaking in all what the forest has to offer and it's said to offer deep relaxation and calmness to the mind - much like soaking in a bubble bath.

While the health practice has been up and coming in the last few years in the Western part of this world, the nature therapy is nothing new in Asia, having originated in Japan as "Shinrin-yoku" in the 1980s.

Leave your phone behind

So, what actually is Forest Bathing? Most people connect being in nature with being physically active, breaking a sweat hiking through the woods or up a hill. Even though "shinrin-yoku" does involve some walking, the activity itself is not about working out, covering a certain distance, or burning calories. It's about taking in your surroundings and being one with nature more deliberately than you would during a hike or workout outside. Whether you sit, stand, do yoga, or wander through the woods by yourself or in a group doesn't matter as long as you do it consciously, take deep breaths and fully immerse yourself in the forest atmosphere. Listen to the sounds the forest has to offer, leaves blowing, birds chirping, your own footsteps.

Inhaling the fresh forest air and completely unplugging from your daily life (including your phone, emails, messages, and whatever else keeps your mind going at a thousand miles per hour) won't only feel good, it actually has proven health benefits.

Benefits of Forest Bathing

The health benefits of Forest Bathing are plentiful and have been subject to many studies worldwide. While some have shown that the practice boosts immunity and decreases the risk of cancer by increasing the count of cancer fighting cells, other researchers have found out that the risk of heart attack decreases by lower levels of stress, blood pressure and heart rate. It also has positive effects on your mental health, your sleep routine, your overall mood and your skin thanks to the high amounts of oxygen in the air that decreases inflammation.

Forest Bathing at Wild Grass

Forestry around Wild Grass
Head out into the rich jungle tapestry surrounding Wild Grass

We believe that you will truly enjoy your stay with us at Wild Grass Nature Resort if you fully and quite literally unplug from your daily habits back home - that includes your electronic devices! Many of our guests notice that they sleep better and more deeply during their time with us simply because the air they breathe at Wild Grass is purer, cleaner, and crisper than in urban areas.

Paths under a canopy of trees lead to your villa
Paths under a canopy of trees lead to your villa

Set in 25 acres of almost untouched jungle tapestry, it's almost impossible to avoid Forest Bathing - already on your way to your villa, you will walk under a canopy of trees.

You can forest bathe in many different ways at Wild Grass: read a book on your terrace surrounded by trees, walk through the Resort, sit by the lake, or wander off-path into the deeper forest on the property.

If you decide to take it up a notch and walk through the deeper jungle tapestry, be sure to check in with our staff before you head out into the wild so they can accompany you explain the many Ayurvedic Herbs growing in our forest.

Will you give forest bathing a try?

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